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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of a dedicated coach and a personalized plan

"Barbara encouraged me every step of the way.  She fine tuned my habits, swapping bad choices for good in small steps that didn't make me overwhelmed with deprivation anxiety. I lost 19 lbs in three months, significantly lowered my cholesterol, and had the first normal liver function test in 15 years!"

Jen - Multi-tasking mother of 4

"I feel a true partnership with Barbara.  She approaches my goals without any judgement and allows me to honestly look at the challenges that are blocking my success.  Barbara’s focus on small steps removes what feels like an overwhelmingly large goal and creates the opportunity for many successes along the way.  Barbara listens to my input with absolutely no judgement and then focuses me on one or two areas so that I’m not overwhelmedThis approach really works!  I’ve had success after success and am beginning to build a sustainable program!!!"

ML - Part time professional, full-time Mom

"I was reluctant to any change in my lifestyle and eating habits. I knew I was stressed, not exercising, in pain, taking Zantac every day and that my cholesterol was high and my energy was low, but I was reluctant to give-up what I was eating because that gave me some short-lived comfort at the end of a long day. Barbara was very patient with me and helped me make little changes which had positive impacts on my mood, motivation and my physical discomfort. With each change I experienced positive effects and that made the next small change that much easier to make. There was no pressure, just advice, options and support. I have substantially reduced (but haven't eliminated) processed foods and other things that were causing inflammation but I still eat hearty and filling meals and snacks. I am happier, more fit and more energetic than I have been in years and I have stopped taking the daily dose of Zantac I needed for the past 20 years."

Owen  - Time starved executive

All these people
changed their lives with "The Plan"

And start living healthy TODAY

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