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The workshops are designed for FUN!  Attendees are quickly at ease through interactive games and activities that spark conversation, deliver insight and knowledge, and create a supportive learning environment.  Of course, I should forwarn you, I highly discourage anyone to leave without indulging in one of our "easy to make" snacks and recipes! Workshops are a great way to start your wellness journey with a supportive group who share similar goals.

Get Off The Sugar Roller Coaster

Are you constantly craving sweets and want to understand why? Do you feel full, then famished?  Is your sleep interrupted? Do you feel you can't make it through the day without a sugar boost? You are NOT alone!


In this workshop you will learn that often foods you are eating can actually cause you to crave sugar mid-day and at night.  You will learn tricks to gain control of a sugar habit without deprivation. Also, learn how sugar is hidden in our foods and how to navigate tricky labels and ingredients.


One Hour Workshop: $20 per person (bring a friend, $15 each)

Coming soon....
Kids Lunch Bunch Group

Do you struggle with picky eaters in your house?  Are you exhausted from trying to find something everyone eats?  In this workshop, you will learn new ideas and recipes to help your kids eat better and begin a Healthy Lifestyle at an early age.


Food and Your Mood

Many people are unaware that mood changes can be influenced by food choices. This workshop will help you understand how foods can impact your energy, sleep, and overall well being.



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